Day 2 with the Tefal Cuisine Companion

One of the main things that my kids were excited about when we got the Tefal Cuisine Companion was the prospect of me making more deserts at home, I do try and keep sugar consumption down, so I like the idea of making custards, sorbets and ice creams at home. A friend who has a Thermomix once made my kids and I a mixed berry ice cream, it was simply, frozen mixed berries, cream and a bit of sugar. It tasted amazing and best of all my kids loved it. So this is what I promised the kids on Day 2 of having Tefal Cuisine Companion.

We decided to use frozen raspberries as these are favourite of my 2, and used whipping cream and some icing sugar (I don’t think the Cuisine Companion makes icing sugar from granulated raw sugar but I may be wrong). I just threw all the ingredients into the bowl (but I did cool the bowl for a few minutes with ice first), followed the instructions from the recipe book for making mango ice cream, and within 2 mins we had Raspberry Ice Cream, much less sugar that shop brought ice cream, no preservatives or emulsifiers, and I made enough to put in the freezer for another day. We had the Raspberry ice cream for desert on another day, and I did have to let it sit for 5 mins to soften, but I have found that with any home made ice cream.I have read you can just blend it up again in the CC and server straight away, but at that time the Cuisine Companion was busy cooking something else (I was certainly starting to see the benefit of having 2 bowls for the CC).

ice cream cusine companion

Raspberry Ice Cream

Raspberry Ice Cream

  • 1 packet of frozen Raspberries
  • 60g Icing Sugar (can be more or less)
  • 130ml whipping cream



Simple Pasta Sauce

I also decided to try making a a simple pasta sauce, again this is something I cook often and have been known to burn (I get distracted, did I mention that?). Before I started I put some parmesan cheese in and followed the instructions for Grated Cheese. Again this starts off with throwing in some quartered onion and 2 garlic cloves, chopping with the ultrablade, then changing to the stirring blade and sautéing for 7 mins with the stirring blade. Next I added a tin of Italian plum tomatoes, some herbs, salt and pepper, setting the CC on a Slow Cook program for 30mins and then walking away, knowing my sauce was being stirred and that I would get notified by a ping when the slow cook program had finished. The cook book suggests blending  the sauce at the end of the program for a min at high speed, I guess this is optional.

The pasta sauce tasted so much better than my own saucepan cooked sauce, I have no idea why, (apart from it not being burnt), maybe its the weird thing about how I seem to enjoy meals cooked by someone else more than meals cooked my me, maybe subconsciously I think the food is not cooked my me and therefore tastes better.

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