Finding classes to please both my kids is difficult. Most sports and dance classes are designed for 2 and a half years plus and swimming is ability led. So with a 2 year old and a four year old I find I just do things for the four year old and poor little second child looses out.

Ladybug music was a great find as its geared towards children 2 – 5. The classes are informal. Just a rug in a scout hut with instruments and props and of course music.

It’s an American franchise run by Northern Beaches mum Clare Stevenson. Clare is from a very musical household, playing the piano and violin from age 6 and singing in a band with her brothers in high school. She went on to get a Bachelor of Creative Arts with a Theatre major and eventually eventually moved to Los Angeles and started a family. That’s where she discovered Ladybug Music.

What I really liked about the class was that it wasn’t just a bunch of toddlers banging incensently on drums and cymbals. The ethos behind Ladybug is marrying great music with great education byteaching kids foundational musical skills: “The ability to keep a beat and match a pitch,” says founder Patricia M. Maertens, an early childhood music teacher.

I love music but I don’t have any musical ability plus I am completely tone deaf so my singing is reserved for the shower and late night kareoke bars. I have seen for a while that number one child takes after me. She likes music but I don’t think she will ever have any great musical talent. Number two, however, I am convinced carries a musical gene (if there is one). He has always reacted well to music and although can barely talk; can sing a range of nursery rhymes in tune. He loves singing, dancing and really responds to music.

So while my eldest was drawn towards the pink bell braclets, the sheer fabric ribbons and scarves and danced to her own beat. Number two sat, engaged and listened to the music and the different tones and rhythms.

The songs were the nursery rhymes we all know and love but put to a different beat, pitch, tempo, melody or rhythm. So the result was an eclectic mixture of music: funky, soulful and original. Accapello, with guitar accompaniment or with CD music.

The class was varied and engaging with parental involvement encouraged. Of course each child had a moment of distraction but there was enough of a balance between carpet based listening (finger-plays, rhythm sticks) and singing to free dancing to keep a room full of preschoolers occupied and more importantly interested for 45 minutes.

It was great watching my two year pick up on the nuances of the songs and meldodies. He clearly reacted to the tempo, the loud, the quiet and rhythms. My little girl just liked the fact that she could use her loud voice inside for a few minutes but I really believe my little boy got it. Highly recommend the free trial and seeing if your child can tap into his or hers inner Hendrix, I think my number two did!

Classes are offered at three Northern Beaches locations:
Curl Curl:  Fridays @9:45am beginning 1st August
Brookvale: Saturdays @9:30am beginning 2nd August
Neutral Bay: Tuesdays @10:30am beginning 29th July
To learn more about Ladybug Music go to
To request a trial class email Clare at or call 0432-922 727

For your chance to win a place for your child on one of the Winter sessions go to our competitions page