Nutribullet Review

My husband has been obsessed by this new product which he found on TV via YouTube. He’s watched the video time and time again extolling its virtues in the manner of voiceover man. Highly annoying, especially as I am not one to be swayed by marketing hype.

The Nutribullet is billed as a superfood nutrition extractor. According to voiceover man, its 600w motor with “cyclonic action” and a blade that turns at 10,000 rpm can turn ordinary food into superfood!

It’s based on the principle of extraction as opposed to blending. It claims that most traditional juicers just mix things around and don’t break things down; and with most blenders a lot of the valuable nutritional fibre is thrown away.

Nutrition extraction

hiw-nutribulletVoiceover man continues that the Nutribullet is different because it breaks down, pulverises and opens up foods’ hidden nutrition on a cellular level. I am not entirely sure what this means but the voiceover man calls the process “nutrition extraction” – breaking down stems, seeds and skins into their most nutritious and absorptive state. I suppose it makes sense, you are not just extracting the juice or blending preprepared fruit and veg but blasting the whole fruit and veg (including the stems, seeds and skins) and turning that into a drink. As a result the drinks are slightly bitty so if you prefer orange juice with no bits then it will take a bit of getting used to the bits.

The NutriBullet is from the same company as the BabyBullet, that some mums will be more familiar with as they have been stocking this in Australia in places like Target for a few years.

You will sense my scepticism when it comes to the marketing of products like these. I have also restrained from buying another juicer, as the last one I had was more hassle than its worth, with numerous components that all needed dismantling and washing. The pulp / pith got lodged everywhere and the sieve bit needed endless scrubbing to clean.

So,  if for no other reason than to shut my husband up, I thought I would give it a try. Well, I love it. For the following four reasons:

  1. There are only two parts to wash: a cup and a blade that you just rinse in soapy water and its good to go for the next time.
  2. It’s very simple: There are just three parts in total, so in addition to the cup and blade there is just the motor. All fit together simply.
  3. It’s very quick to use: All you need to do it pop your fruit, veg, seeds or nuts (or a combination) in the cup, screw on the blade (which acts as a lid) and twist onto the motor and off it goes.
  4. Uses up left-overs: Any left over fruit from my kids (half eaten apples, unloved strawberries) I can just plop in and make them or myself a healthy juice. My little boy is not a big fruit and veg eater but for some reason he will drink the juice I make as long as it is out of the big cup.

Six week healthy juicing plan and recipes

The Nutribullet came with a recipe book of different juice ideas and a six week healthy juicing plan with snack and evening meal ideas, I also found some useful recipe ideas on Nutribullet Recipes. Typically, my husband was bored after the first whizz, but I am converted.

The concept is that you mix fruit and vegetables, add some kind of grain, seed or nut to make the most nutritious kind of drink. The extractor blade is pretty powerful so it even breaks up whole almonds in a few pulses. There are so many recipes to choose from and I didn’t think I would like the veggie ones (kale, spinach etc) but they are actually my favourite. You mix with water so it can separate if left in the fridge and if you don’t add a banana or avocado then it can be a bit watery. However, I’ve discovered almond milk which makes a banana, blueberry, spinach, cashew nut smoothie taste great. The hummus is delicious too. I don’t think I will buy shop bought again and it’s so easy to make. I have also tried a few of the soups and casseroles. The kids loved the tomato soup with sweet potato and cashews which I served as a pasta sauce.

I thought I would try the 6-week plan. It’s not a diet, just sensible recommendations about food-combining. I lasted about 10 days which was good for me as I have seer will power when it comes to cakes and chocolate. I noticed a massive different with my skin, energy levels and stomach. After two kids my tummy is always a bit podgy. It was noticeably flatter after a week. I don’t have the staying power for diets and I can’t remove chocolate from my daily life but I figure if I do the plan one week out of four and keep up the juices I will be doing ok.

The NutriBullet does not sell in stores yet, only through the adverts on television or you can buy over the phone for $279.99 by calling 1800 477 777

You can learn more about the product online at: