Eves on the River

I always had thought of Eves on the River as bit of a restaurant…with white linen tablecloths and all of that…and it is.
But those white linen tablecloths are covered in paper…and crayons are welcome!

Recently my sixteen-month old son and I met a mommy friend and her gorgeous little boy to go for a walk and have a coffee. We thought we would start at New Farm Park, walk to Eves on the River for our coffees and then head back to the park so the boys could play.

The walk from New Farm to Teneriffe is spectacular…the palm trees, the bougainvillaea, the Brisbane River complete with its City Cats and kayaks…it is the kind of walk where you are more than amazed that you ended up living in such a beautiful place and you have to pinch yourself in order to make sure that it is indeed real. And Eves is a perfect destination.

We ended up getting take away so the boys could play in the grassy area right in front of the restaurant but if we had decided to stay, there was plenty of room inside for prams and, like I said, bring your own

The coffee was spot on.

In terms of food they have a quite few options for a morning tea picnic including fresh out of the oven muffins, or if you wanted to eat in the restaurant, they have a more extensive breakfast menu.

The boys had a great time shouting at the ferries, pointing at birds, trying to move the restaurant’s sign…and of course my son, the bin-lover, found a bin. And us mummies had a great time sitting in the sun and catching up!
In fact, we all ended up having such a great time at Eves that we just stayed there and skipped New Farm Park!

Eves is definitely worth a visit…I would return for the coffee and I know my would like to go back and shout at more ferries and of course check up on that bin!

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