Review: Sydney’s Best Beaches for Kids by Seana Smith

I am writing this on the hottest day of the year. The thermometer is at 33 degrees but the reports are that it will hit 43! So, I have never been happier to live in Sydney – a city surrounded by beaches and pools. From the northern beaches to the eastern suburbs we are spolit for choice whatever the weather. But with kids a trip to the beach can actually be a bit daunting – Is there shade? Are there toliets close by?  Can I park? Can I get a coffee? You need to do your research before a trip which is one of the reasons we set up Babies & Toddlers to help mums like us plan their days with their children.

You may have already come across Seana Smith. I love her blog ( and she is the author of the great Sydney for Under Fives amongst other titles. She offers honest and practical advice to parents visiting play parks and beaches around Sydney. Her ebook Sydney’s Best Beaches for Kids follows on this style offering information on the best beaches, baths and pools suitable for children.

There are over 40 beaches, baths and rock pools reviewed in the book – some I didn’t know about so I am truly inspired to get out and try some new beaches. Smith includes the address and map reference, a brief description of the place then information on shade, toilets, parking, café and a great Mum’s Report which gives you those extra little detail that only a mum would know.

The ebook has a lovely simple design with bright colours. The index is clearly ordered by suburb so you can plan your trip easily and quickly. You could even just print off one page and take it with you.

The only thing I would like to see in the ebook is some photos but Smith directs you to her website where you can find the beautiful photos she has taken.

Here is an extract from my favourite beach to go to with my children to give you a flavour of the book:

Freshwater Beach

Freshwater is a popular beach for young families and a favourite spot for preschoolers during the week. It’s a surf beach with safe shallow areas for splashing and sometimes there are sandbars that protect parts of the beach. Nonetheless, as ever, it’s vital to swim only between the flags.

Set between two rocky headlands, Freshwater Beach feels compact and enclosed. Behind the scrub-covered dunes is a nice reserve with shaded picnic tables, electric barbecues and a playground.

Cafes: Kiosk and nearby is Pilu cafe which is terrific

Toilets: Toilet block at the surf lifesaving club and toilets at the swimming club building by the rockpool

Shade: None on the beach

Playground: On the reserve Ocean pool: Yes, at the northern end of the beach.

Shark net: No

Mum’s report: We love to come here early, set up camp under shade in the reserve and then trek down to the beach for a splash and swim. When the sun hots up we return to the shade to eat and play.

Map reference: Gregory’s 288 J2, Sydway 239 G18, UBD 198 D2

Parking: Pay carpark at the end of Kooloora Avenue

Nearest station: No

Nearest ferry: No

Bus stop nearby: No

There are over 40 beaches, baths and rock pools reviewed in the book – some I didn’t know about so I am truly inspired to get out and try some new beaches.

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Sydney’s Best Beaches for Kids by Seana Smith is available as an ebook from her website ( for $7.99.

Whats your favourite beach, bath or rock pool?