A long pending trip is on the cards with the kids. It scares you every time you think of it as you don’t know what to pack and how much? It is evenmore challenging when you have kids of different ages. You have to keep everyone’s requirements in mind while packing. You must carry items for feeding, for activity and other miscellaneous things. I am furnishing a list to help you in your task.

When with kids on a road trip, it is important that you pack something to feed them at regular intervals. It is recommended that you pack separately for each individual. Goldfish crackers and crumb free snacks can be your best options on the move.

Car seat
Car seats are mandatory. If going via a rental car, do enquire about the car seats for the kids as per their age. Belt them properly as in most of the accidents with kid causalities; car seats not fastened properly are responsible.

No light colored clothing
You know your kids. They can dirty their clothes faster than you can even think of. Pack clothes of darker shades as it is difficult to remove stains from lighter shades. Denims are a better bet.

Extra clothes for changing in case of accidental spills
Kids and their activities may lead to occasional spilling of eatables on the clothes demanding a quick change. Therefore, take some extra clothes with you. Also, keep one pair of socks for everyday and extra pair of shoes.

Toys but less
Toys – how can you forget this? Keep some toys in the car. This will keep them engrossed but pack only a few.

Arts and crafts
Stack some sketchbook, colored pencils and washable markers to keep your kids away from boredom on the move. Or else they will keep annoying you. 

Entertainment package
In addition to games, pack books (especially puzzle books) and some comics. Pre-recorded books can be taken along. Not everybody wants to listen to the same music at the same time. Therefore, keep DVD’s and DVD Player with headphones in the car.

Garbage bags for collecting trash
When travelling with the family, which includes kids, trash bags are necessary. Keep one in the front and one medium-sized at the back.

Fruits for a day or two, if your trip is longer, you can buy on the way
Fruits are a healthy means of keeping your kids’ tummy full. You can pack for a day or two. If the trip is longer, then look for some outlets on the move.

First aid kit
Check the first-aid kit in the car and pack all the necessary items like bandages, anti-bacterial wipes, sunscreen and other medication that your child may need and is habitual to in it. Emergency items like nasal drops, medicines and nail clippers should  be kept.

Carry some blankets in case your child wants a nap on the way or the weather changes suddenly.

Reusable water bottles
Water will keep your younger ones hydrated all the way. This is an essential item needed for everyone while travelling. Remember; carry sipping bottles for toddlers who have not started drinking from a cup yet.

Needs of the babies
When travelling with the babies. There is long list of things that you must take along with you. It includes wipes, diapers, baby food, microwave sterilizing bags and a lot more.

Check the weather of the place you are travelling to and then pack accordingly. For winters, pack boots, sweaters and jackets. For summers, take sunglasses and sunhat. Always keep an umbrella handy.

Every day essentials
Amidst all the paraphernalia, do not leave everyday essential items behind like toothbrush, toothpaste and floss, soap, laundry soap, slippers etc. Pack light but do not forget these essentials.

Pack well and have a hassle-free and enjoyable trip with the kids.

Author Bio: Nicole Stanley is an avid road traveler, explored many places on road. She is passionate about car safety on the roads and is devoted a considerable amount of time in studying the various modes of keeping yourself safe while traveling on road. She has reviewed RWC Glen Waverley services and recommends strongly to everyone. Packing appropriately is also one of her interests and has been writing vividly about it in her articles.