There is no better person to share your childhood with than a sibling, especially your twin. When decorating the bedroom for your twins, no matter if they are boys or girls, you need to strike perfect balance and encourage individuality. Their bedroom will be their safe place for growing up and playing, and that is why it is of the utmost importance to decorate according to their characters.

Decorating with Paint

Painted walls can be a great means of defining the territory of each twin. You can choose two different colors for your twins and simply split the room. Of course, you should ask your children to pick their favorite colors that can go together perfectly in one room, and let them help you decorate their bedroom. For your boys, you can nicely pair different shades of blue and green, and pair them with some details of light red or yellow. For neutral tones you can paint their room into softer shades of gray and achieve the calm atmosphere. After the wall painting is done, you can emphasize pieces of furniture and bed sheets that are in contrasting colors to the room. Just make sure to meet the preferences of your twins.

Use Fabrics for Coziness

Choose a neutral color for the walls, which can be easily dressed up or down with various fabrics and furniture. Polyester and cotton fabrics are perfect for some smaller pieces of furniture, such as small armchairs or seating cushions and pillows, and you can choose darker shades of red blue or green. When it comes to these accessories, as well as the carpet, you should consider darker colors, because there will be lots of spilling and stains. Also, let the children pick their own fabrics for the bedding; one twin may choose darker shades of cotton fabrics but the other one may choose contrasting colors. Dress up the windows, too, with some drapes that fit their desires, and blend all of those colors nicely to give them their own safe place for childhood.

Play with Themes

Thematizing their bedroom can be a great and easy way to decorate it. With younger generations you can decorate their room with some motives form nursery rhymes and their favorite bedtime books and fairytales. For older boys you can thematize with their favorite superhero movies. Buy the beddings with Spiderman or Superman or other heroes they like; set up paired shelves above each boy’s bed and display their favorite Davey Boys Toys superhero figurines and let them admire and play with them every day. For your little princesses you can dress up their rooms like a princess’s castle and let them enjoy in their toy ponies and dolls. Also, you can decorate with some animal prints and provide them with various jungle adventures.

Comfy Furniture

For the best comfort your twins will need their soft and worm twin beds. You can put the beds next to or facing each other. Consult with your twins and see how they prefer it. Also, your kids will need some place for play and learning, so set up two small desks with comfy chairs, or even set up a desk that is good for both of your kids. You can also organize a corner with a TV and lay down soft cushions and pillows and provide them with safe place for enjoying cartoons and video games. Give them a colorful dresser with enough drawers and shelves, and set up several shelves around their beds for their books and toys. Remember to do everything in pairs and to follow your kids’ ideas and desires.

Decorating a twin bedroom is not such a tough job. Like with any other kids, you just have to consider their wishes and there will be no problems. Give each twin a place to enjoy and express themselves, and you did a great job.

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