Wristband to keep children and adults safe in the surf

Safe Mate –  a brand new wristband to keep children and adults safe in the surf has now been recognised as an essential safety product for children and will be used in selected Nippers and surf lifesaving clubs. The life saving device accelerates and improves the rescue process by quickly connecting emergency response teams to your vital personal and medical information.

Ideal for the holidays, families can have peace of mind knowing that in an emergency situation, they would be notified immediately.

Below are the most important and central ideas about Safe Mate:

  1. The wrist band makes use of intelligent technology which stores the users name and emergency contact details. In an event of an emergency, a smart phone (which has the installed app) is swiped over the band and is able to instantaneously show the users name, emergency contract details and any pre-existing media conditions
  2. The service has been completely innovated, created and tested on Australian shores. There is nothing quite like it in Australia making it an absolute stand out in its field, could be used by adults and children.
  3. Unlike other fitness bands, Safe Mate is waterproof, sturdy and does not require a battery or charge. This means that it is constantly reliable and will be active at any moment in which you need its services.
  4. Ewan Le Bourhis, founder and creator originally conceptualised the idea while in the surf and realising that if something were to happen, it would take significant time for him to be identified wasting critical moments in the golden hour of rescuing.

The wristband is available online and comes in different colours and sizes via www.safemate-australia.com.au/shop/