Being British, for me Christmas time is about cosy nights by a real wood fire and dressing up warm in coat, hat, scarf and gloves and going for a Wintery walk. It’s dark nights and bright lights, candle-lit carol concerts on Christmas Eve, and mulled-wine warming your hands.

All these things I relate to a cold, dark British winter. It’s going to feel very strange celebrating Christmas with the sun shining and it being 25+ degrees outside.

As this will be my first Christmas in Australia, to get me in the spirit, I am going to embrace being off work with my little girl and do as many Christmasy things as possible.

Gabriella and I will definitely be heading down to Martin’s Place for the children’s concert on Thursday 24th November and a quick pram-dash up the street will get us to Hyde Park in time for the fireworks and more carols from the VOX Sydney Philharmonia Choirs.

I don’t think a 20 month year old will sit through the Recitals at Sydney Town Hall but we will definitely check out the lights and the 7.5m tree in situ there as well as all the other trees and light displays which will be turning the city into a festive (can’t say Winter) Wonderland!

I understand that the Carols in The Domain are a bit of an institution so I am going to take advantage of the sunshine and take a picnic for the afternoon.

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a trip to see Santa so I’ll be off to the grotto at Queen Victoria Building. Bonus as I may be able to get a bit of retail therapy at the same time.

All in all it’s looking pretty good on the festive front. I was really pleased to discover the Sydney Christmas site and to see that despite the sunshine and heat Santa Claus still comes to town although we are nearly14,000km away from the north pole.