We are starting school in January. I use the royal ‘we’ in this context because with all the information I have been given to digest and action, I feel like I am starting school.

What is it about today’s parents? Are we deemed incapable of dealing with everyday events by ourselves? Are we not able to make decisions and choices without consulting a book, the internet or an expert?

It’s three months till my daughter starts school and I have already attended three seminars. The first was titled, Getting ready for school which I must admit was fun and informative and gave me a few tips. For example: teach your daughter how to pull up her tights otherwise she will be walking like a sumo wrestler by the end of the day. Buy velcro shoes or the laces will end up dragged in pee and buy a jacket or cardigan instead of a jumper as a jumper is harder for them to turn the right way round. The presenter, Danielle Mantakoul who blogs for mummyweekly.com.au was quirky informative and fun so it was a worthwhile couple of hours.

The second presented by Child and Adolescent Parenting on Transition to school was 25 slides (yes, 25 slides) covering everything from parents concerns, understanding your child’s feeling and to how to suck eggs. Let’s just say I was happy I took my toddler to this one so I could escape every two slides. The third session I can’t even remember the topic. Maybe I was asleep…

I am not belittling this enormous stage in my little girl’s life. I am really excited for her. I will be there to hold her hand and listen to her at the end of the day but did my mum go to three presentations, did I have orientation days? No, on my first day of big school I was dropped off with a cheerio and kiss. At the end of the day I was introduced to a little girl who lived in the next village who showed me where to get the bus home.

I survived school. I don’t remember the dirty loos , the wee soaked laces or the baggy tights. I do remember the ice cold bottles of milk at recess which we drank from the bottle through a straw. I remember being too scared to put my hand up to ask to go to the toilet and therefore wetting myself and having to wear boys undies. Maybe because I remember these things I am traumatised by the events or maybe I just remember them because I do.

Anyway the main point of this article was to talk about lunch boxes because the most alarming bit of information I took from the various seminars was the amount of food your need to pack for your kindergarten child.

Morning tea, crunch and sip and lunch: Provide the above in separate easy to open insulted containers and best to put in two water bottles (one for morning and one for lunch). No wonder I see these school kids walking with a back pack bog enough for an Amazon adventure.

So my quest is to find the ultimate lunch box begins…