Help is here for ex-pat families missing the grandparents?

I am a Mum of a four year old girl and a two year old boy. Originally I come from Germany but my husband and I have lived in Australia for the last nine years. We really love this country and therefore decided to start our family here. The only issue that was really upsetting me is that the kids’ grandparents live so far away from us. We try to visit them every 1-2 years and talk on Skype every week but this is not enough for the kids to establish a close relationship with their grandparents.

Surrogate Grandparents

It is also very difficult for my parents and parents in law who miss being with their grandchildren and who would love giving me a hand. I was very upset about our situation and really thought that our children are missing out on a great experience. Therefore I started looking for a surrogate grandparent. In Germany services to find surrogate grandparents exist in most cities and are run by councils or charities. But in Australia nothing of this sort exists which was very disappointing for me.

A New Website To Help

You can find many blogs and articles on local classifieds like Gumtree so there is definitely a demand for such a service and it seems that many families in Australia feel lonely and in need of a caring grandparent just like us. So I started establishing a not-for-profit organisation where surrogate grandparents and families can find each other. After more than 2 years preparation the web-based service launched in May 2012. I was very lucky that my family was the first one to find a surrogate grandma. Grandma Irene visits us once a week and we like her very much. The kids enjoy getting so much attention and my husband and I feel that we can learn a lot from her experience. We love to now having a granny to share the laughs and happy moments with.

If you are interested in having a surrogate grandparent for your family please check out the website. There is currently a great launch offer for families, so don’t miss out: