I get some very specific hairstyle requests first thing in the morning (which get done 29 seconds before we leave for school), but first the Tangle Teezer hair brush gets a workout. My daughter gets disgruntled if she thinks I’m not using it (eyes in the back of her head?) and even my son wants the TT treatment.

Designed by a British hairdresser, it’s got short ‘bristles’ that manage to skim through the hair effectively without undue pulling. The under-12’s aren’t the only fans – celeb stylists carry these mum’s best friend in their kit for shoots and shows too.

For truly tangled hair (and to calm tempers), Gaia Conditioning Detangler sprayed on hair before brushing helps. A lot. I also love French brand Phyto – Petit Phyto Detangling Spray for children. Both are clean formulations (no nasties) and work well as leave in conditioners.

Your strategy? Take a handful of hair, hold firmly and start brushing from the ends up towards the scalp. On longer hair do a bedtime bun to avoid tangles – a high, loose pony looped into a topknot. And always use conditioner after shampooing, even for children.

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