As a mother of two bad sleepers and a little boy that likes his hair tickled when he falls asleep, I sympathise with single mum Rebekah De Melo Franco’s story.

But her story is more shocking than I ever experienced. Her child would wake every few hours, screaming himself blue and as soon as he could hold himself up he started to head-bang. He was also obsessed with hair. He had to twirl his mums or his own to get to sleep. It was a very distressing time for Rebekah as sleep wasn’t the only battle – changing, brushing teeth, getting dress – any day-to -day activity would result in fits of hysteria. Her son couldn’t tolerate tags on clothing, had to wear long sleeve tops, refused to wear socks on his feet but loved them on his hands and wearing shoes to bed was absolutely essential.

It wasn’t until Rebekah read an article in Adelaide’s Child magazine, that she discovered her son had Sensory Processing Disorder.

SENSORY PROCESSING DISORDER (SPD) is a complex neurological condition that causes sufferers to misinterpret everyday sensory information, such as touch, sound and movement. So they feel overwhelmed by sensory information, and may react with strong emotional behaviours and experience what may be described as ‘melt downs’.

It was this little light that sparked a brainwave and after a night of diligent stitching, ‘Teddy Hair – The First Bear With Hair’ was born.

The result a soft and cuddly teddy with hair that her son could play with to his hearts content.