The much loved four day weekend is fast approaching; the scent of hot cross buns have filled the supermarket and Australian children are asking about the magical bunny… Easter is officially making its way into our lives once again.

Whether you are camping or glamping this Easter, a checklist with all the basics is always handy. We’ve made it easy for you and listed the top five essentials you will need:

1. Extra layers
Weather around the Easter long weekend can be fickle, especially depending on what part of the country you’re in. Be prepared for both hot and cool climates and pack extra layers such as blankets and thermals. Polypropylene thermals are the best to use as they keep the warmth in and have a cooling system to conserve your body heat.

2. Bring the fun to life with games
By about day three the kids might get over the natural landscape and the vast span of trees surrounding you. Make sure you pack some games and have a few fun ideas up your sleeve to keep them entertained. Think card games, a treasure hunt, a cricket set or blow up water toys and enjoy a few free hours.

3. Para’Kito
The pesky mozzie has the ability to turn your Easter camping trip upside down, especially if you or your family don’t respond well to mozzie bites! Mosquito bites can be very common among young children, beat the bite naturally, by using a product that will deter mozzies and keep everyone from itching away. A product like Para’Kito is great as it doesn’t interfere with your holiday plans, simply wear the band around your wrist or clip the clip to your bag and you’re protected around the clock for 15 days, even if you get wet.

4. Stay safe
You can never be too careful or cautious when camping! Pack a first aid kit that is a perfect size to take on day trips. Make sure the kit includes the essentials; sunscreen, band-aids, bandages and anti-bacterial wipes.

5. And of course, the chocolate!
Imagine if you forgot the chocolate! Pack your Easter egg hunt goodies in a secret spot that is not exposed to sunlight or any prying little eyes. Be aware that kids around the camping site will be on their own hunts and may secretly score some of your eggs. Ensure you have enough chocolate to keep everyone happy.