Tommee Tippee has introduced the new Ultra bottle with a teat that is uniquely angled to provide a continuous milk flow even at the end of the feed. The bottle is designed to give baby the perfect feeding experience with its natural breast-like latch and its perfectly secure seal. The Ultra teat also mimics the natural flex, movement and softness of a mum’s breast to make combining breast and bottle feeding easier than ever before. It offers a natural latch, perfect flow and secure seal to reduce air intake and dribbles. “When you’re expecting a baby, there are just so many things to think about, which is why we have made a bottle that has absolutely everything to provide baby with a comfortable and secure feed,” says Vanessa Gonzalez, Brand Manager Tommee Tippee.

1. Natural latch

The extra wide neck teat offers a more breast-like shape for baby to latch onto. It is also made from a super-soft, high grade silicone which allows it to move in multiple directions like a breast replicating a natural feeding action. The breastlike nature of this bottle also makes it easy switching between breast and bottle.

2. Secure seal

A contour zone has been uniquely built into the Ultra teat which forms a perfect match to baby’s open mouth. This zone allows baby to form a secure seal around the teat which helps reduce air ingestion and discomfort and prevent messy milk dribbles.

3. Perfect flow

The innovative angled teat on the Ultra bottle provides a more comfortable, upright feeding position for baby and the milk flows down the bottle in an even way right to the end of the feed.

The Tommee Tippee Ultra Bottle and Teats range is available at Babies R Us, Baby Bunting and selected Big W stores. Bottles are available in packs of 1 and 2 and teats come in medium and fast flow rates to suit baby’s stage.

ULTRA 1x 150ml bottle $13.99, ULTRA 1x 260ml bottle $14.99, ULTRA 2x 260ml bottle $26.99, ULTRA Medium and Fast Flow Teats (2pk) $9.99 each. For more information visit