The school holidays have set in and you are off with your partner and kids for your next big adventure. Although, I don’t want to sound very preachy but I am hoping to give you just one advice before you kick start your road trip with a bang!

If you are planning to take your caravan or 4WD, be very particular about them. Some friends I know played it safe during their family holidays by getting roadworthy certificate from qualified license vehicle inspectors. I will leave you with that advice. Now it’s time to explore Australia’s top 10 awesome family road trip destinations.

10. The Train Shed
Believe me; your kids are going to love you for this place. What kid in Australia would not fancy a train ride on Thomas? Kids will love picking up merchandise of Thomas from the shop there.
It is situated at Vicar’s winery and is a comfortable one hour drive from Sydney.

9. Phoenix Park Playground
If you are looking at a spectacular precinct in Melbourne, then look no further. Phoenix Park Playground has skating facilities, library and a wooden fort playground. It will be nice to have your kids exposed to several readings when on a road trip.
It is situated in Malvern East, Melbourne.

8. Scienceworks Museum
You are allowed to visit the house of Wallace and Gromit and explore some of the basic ideas turned into amazing innovations. The duo will guide you through their home and in the process will make your kids do some activities and also play games.
It is situated on 62 West Wallaby Street in Spotswood Victoria.

7. Werribee Zoo
This is supposed to be the favorites of all the zoos in Australia and you have to take your kids there. It’s an open range zoo where you are given a guide to explore the zoo. You get to see various wild animals including an open hippo water play area.
It is situated in Werribee South, Victoria.

6. Caversham Wildlife Park
This is a must to go place with your kids on the road trip. They have about 200 species in there and more than 2000 animals, birds and reptiles. It is phenomenally big in size and has capacity to house animals and birds.
It is situated in Whiteman Western Australia.

5. Darwin Waterfront
It has got some of the most spectacular seaside promenades, parkland and landscape gardens. They have some of the best restaurants and faces in the country. They house recreational lagoons and keep the area lively by organizing family activities.
It is situated in Darwin, Northern Territory.

4. Ellen brook Water Park
If your kids love water then they are going to remember this place for a long time. It is the largest free water park in Perth. It has got lovely free water play area with some fountains and slides in it.
It is situated in Ellen brook, Western Australia.

3. Little Bay Beach
It is the perfect place for beach lovers. If you are planning to relax, read a book, do scuba diving or merely swimming, this is the place for you. Little Bay Beach does not have many visitors which makes it even better.
It is situated in Little Bay Cove, New South Wales

2. Trees Adventure Shoal haven
If your kids love physical challenges then don’t miss out this place. They have an airborne skateboard. Besides they also offer quite interesting but challenging courses in tree canopy!
It is situated in North Nora, New South Wales.

1. St. Tilda Beach
What better beach will you find for your kids to play and be safe but St. Tilda Beach? You are likely to spend your whole day here since your kids are not going to leave this place easily.
It is situated in St. Tilda Road, Melbourne.

Remember, the vehicle that you will be driving in your road trip needs to be super solid as you would drive on different terrains. I cannot stop emphasising more but do get it checked by a qualified mechanic and, even better, do road worthiness check of your machine from somebody as qualified as those guys there in Glen Waverly.


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