Asking google for tips and advice on exercising whilst pregnant can bring up such a myriad of stories of facts and fiction!

Like most things, I believe that general common sense is a great guide.

1) Listen to your body! As simple as it sounds, if it doesn’t feel right or you feel concerned about doing it, then don’t! Listen to your intuition and stay in tune with your body and your baby.

2) Avoid split leg exercises. This includes lunges step classes, breast stroke and standing on one leg to perform exercises. The release of relaxin allows much more flexibility with muscles.

3) Think Pelvic Floor First – your pelvic floor comes under immense pressure holding the weight of your growing baby. Practice activating your pelvic floor for both long and short holds and it is especially important while you are exercising.

4) Breathing! Try not to hold your breath while you exercise and if you can remember, exhale on the hardest part of the exercise (for example pushing up from a squat). Holding your breath will bear down on your pelvic floor.

6) Stay active – do what you can to get out and exercise regularly. It can take your mind off mor ning sickness, help you stay in control of your weight and put you in the best possible place to return your body post natally. Not to mention all the positive mental benefits.

7) Lying on your back. There is a lot of advice about exercising on your back while you are pregnant. This is purely individual (see point 1), but remember if your body weight cuts off your blood supply, your body will feel uncomfortable and you will naturally move before you baby is harmed. This is the same if you find yourself sleeping on your back.

Don’t be afraid to ask your personal trainer / gym instructor if they have had specialist training or previous experience with pregnant women. This is a special part of your life and getting the right advice and support can help avoid any unnecessary discomfort and potentially help you be the best you possibly can for birth and beyond.

Check out if there are any pregnancy classes or yoga classes near you.

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