Nothing can be more disturbing than to see your baby uncomfortable craving for a sleep. This is primarily the reason that parents of infants avoid going for a road trip until they are old enough to be taken out. Postponing small joys of life like this is a bad idea. Usually it is seen that if the baby keeps sleeping for most of the time, then the journey becomes easier. But making him accustomed to the vacuum-like environment in the car and sleep-well is a challenge in itself.

Here are 7 tips to help infants sleep during a road trip:

1) Create a comfy environment
If your baby does not find the environment in the car comfortable, he won’t be able to sleep. Therefore the first and foremost thing is to make him feel comfortable in the car/car seat. A warm blanket wrap can make him feel comfortable If you are leaving early morning. When trying to put him to sleep during the broad day light, pull down the sunshades to create dark surroundings. Seeing everything moving around, your tiny tot won’t sleep and hence remain restless. The sunshades are also helpful in keeping the sun rays away from disturbing your baby’s sleep.

2) Some light music
Sometimes a soothing music helps a baby sleep when the surrounding noises including that of the moving car make him uncomfortable. Do not play music at loud volume, it can disrupt the sleep and he may wake up crying. CDs of lullabies are useful tools. Use them.

3) Drive by night
Leaving when it’s still dark is a good idea. You can cover most of your journey by the time he wakes up. Also, it is seen that due to the constant movement of the car, babies sleep better in the car and for longer hours than if you leave by dawn. If he stirs, use the pacifiers to put him back to sleep. The delay in departure can lead to delay in reaching your destination.

4) Don’t forget baby essentials
You cannot leave any of your baby’s requirements behind. Pack everything in advance – milk, juice, water, etc. – everything that your child is used to and may require. Store them in the refrigerator the previous night. Sometimes when nothing pacifies him, sucking his bottle will do the trick.

5) Drive straight
The child falls asleep naturally in the car but the frequent twist, turns and jumps can scare him and keep him awake. Chart your route keeping this in mind. Try to take the route that is straight and without much turns and bumps

6) Don’t stop every now and then
Multiple stops when the baby is sleeping can disrupt his sleep. The parents must plan the road trip in a manner that they do not have to stop every now and then. This is important as a wakeful infant will surely feel uncomfortable in the car and to soothe him, you will have to stop frequently which may prolong your trip.

7) One long break
Take at least one long break. Let him walk, crawl and play so that when you get back in the car he is tired and goes off to sleep easily making the remaining journey short for you to cover.

Now you know how you can enjoy the road trip with your infants. So, Pack your bags and hit the road.

Author Bio: Ella Vincent is passionate about cars and the latest technology used in them. Of late, she has been studying automatic transmission vividly. This has made her explore places that specialise in diagnosing, repairing and rebuilding automatic transmission of a car. She has reviewed Automatic Transmission Service and Repair and strongly recommends it.