Towers of Tomorrow until Sunday 12 July 2015

The Towers of Tomorrow exhibition at the Museum of Sydney ticked many boxes for me: tall buildings; an opportunity to play with LEGO® and an hour of entertainment for my kids during the school holidays.

 My only complaint is the $45 ticket price for a one hour time slot but I am beginning to realise that I need to save up for school holiday activities in future.

Constructed by Ryan McNaught, one of only 12 LEGO® certified professionals worldwide, this exhibition features tall buildings from Australia and Asia built entirely out of LEGO® Bricks. Some are iconic like the Petronas Towers, some engineering and technical wonders, others just beautiful. It was great for me to see one of my old clients, Wilkinson Eyre, immortalised in LEGO®. Their hotel complex at Barangaroo Sydney is just one of the future projects featured in the exhibition

The skill and patience that has gone into the towers is impressive – some took over 80 hours to construct. Clearly Ryan McNaught was undisturbed by a toddler in his pain-staking creative process. I loved the the look of the buildings but also liked inspecting up close to see what LEGO® bricks and pieces he choose to render certain elements of the buildings.

The tickets allocated to time slots is a success – you need to book your slot online. Although, it wasn’t busy when we visited (early afternoon) and there were plenty of work stations free. These work stations are integrated into the exhibition plinths so kids and adults are able to play with over 200,000 loose LEGO® bricks. An opportunity to lose yourself in a bit of guilt free child’s play for an hour. An an opportunity to inspire some creative architects of the future. There is also a Duplo LEGO® area for the little ones. I only wish I had gone without my kids who kept on interrupting me to show me their designs.

Adults and children $15
Book online at

Toys of Yesterday until 9 AUGUST 2015

A second exhibition which is worth a visit while you are at the Museum of Sydney is the Toys through Time exhibition. A relatively small exhibition (two rooms) showcases over 200 toys from past generations of Sydneysiders. A trip down memory lane for adults the exhibition encompasses peg dolls to Barbie, tin soldiers to spacemen There is an interactive area at the end with a train track, an opportunity to make a paper aeroplane model to take home and drawing table for the kids.