Traveling with toddlers can be quite pesky. This makes it crucial to have a safe ride, when with kids. You would not want to get stranded on the way. Not to forget, kids get bored and irritated easily during long journeys and eventually start bothering you. The good news is that you can make the ride fun ride for toddlers on board, if you plan it in advance keeping few points in mind.

Leave early in the morning

Leaving early will make your kid sleep in the car for 1 or 2 hours after you begin your journey, which gives you time to cover maximum distance. You should also take care, while driving as driving long distances makes you drowsy. As soon as you feel it, pull over and take a short nap. If  other passengers aboard know how to drive, take turns. A single driver can get exhausted in long journeys.

Car booster seats for your toddler

It is mandatory to get fixed booster seats in your car for your child’s safety. Strap your kid properly so that he does not get hurt when the car is in motion. For smoother ride, it is necessary to get booster seats installed properly.

Kids should feel comfortable

After you have taken care of their safety, it’s time to make them comfortable. No need to belt them up in jeans and t-shirts, dress them up in their favorite pajamas or shorts for the journey. It will make them calm and comfortable for a long time and you can also have a sigh of relief.

Take along snacks

Bring along everything that your kid loves to eat. Visit your nearby grocery and pick up potato chips, peanut butter, brown bread, candies, nachos, drinks and even fruits before leaving.  This way, you won’t have to stop every hour for food and snacks. But don’t ignore his health. Make sure he eats healthy.

Stuff your car

When you have toddlers with you, you need to carry some extra stuff – stuff that keeps your toddler busy on a long journey. Extra clothes if he gets sick in the car, paper napkins for spills, hand sanitizer, hand towels, disposable garbage bags and everything that is requisite for a toddler care.

Keep your toddler entertained

Play games with your toddler. How about a word game (you take a name and then ask him to take a name with last letter of your word). Read him stories, this will help you too get over boredom. Buy his favorite movie CDs for playing in the car or play his favorite songs ( nursery rhymes).

 Pack goodies

To save yourself from the toddler cry, pack few goodies for the journey.. For instance, you can wrap coloring book, crayons, candies or  funny finger and hand puppets. This will make your trip even more fun and memorable.

Take a safe ride

Getting stalled due to any reason with your little one along is impermissible. Get your car thoroughly serviced and checked before planning a trip. Check tires, window panes, door locks, windshield wipers and air conditioners. Do not forget to check your car’s GPS system to save yourself from getting lost on the way. Auto electrical Dandenong can solve all technical issues of your car, and can prepare your car or minivan for smoother trip, if you live in Victoria or travelling around that place.

Don’t drive for too long.

Take 6 to 7 hours drive every day, there’s no point in driving long hours in a single day. This will give you and your kid time to rest and you will be able to enjoy the trip more rather than making horrible experiences for yourself. In a 7 hour drive, stop frequently at fun places like parks for games and stroll, which will help your kid stretch his legs, burn energy and enjoy. You’ll also get time to relax.

Hope you’ll enjoy your trip with your kid keeping our tips in mind. Everything depends upon the needs of your kid. Therefore, plan your trip keeping our tips and your toddler’s needs in mind and this will help you in  making your ‘best trip ever’ memories.