I am not really sure why I want to take my kids to Vivid Sydney each year. I think it’s because I want to go, so the only opportunity I get is to take them with me. So each year, (I have lived in Sydney since 2011) I have braved the crowds with my various combinations of babies, toddlers and once pregnant. Only to not see anything, experience anything and just walk around it in a stressed out haze, worried that I am going to loose a child or my sanity.

This year was a completely different experience. Maybe because my kids are getting older, maybe I am more relaxed or maybe it’s because Vivid put on two incredible installations that are just great for kids. If, like me, you can’t stand queing or walking the Vivid route around the Rocks and Harbour then just to two things this year.

Number 1: Customs House
Stand or even better sit outside Customs House at 6pm (well 5.45pm to get a good spot) and watch the incredible light show and the lighting up on your kids faces while they sit still (yes still) in awe at the building coming to life with fish, sharks, dinosaurs, flowers, butterflies and some crazy gnomes! Just wonderful for a three and five year olds imagination.

Number 2: Light Show
Go to the major winter exhibition Light Show at the Museum of Contemporary Art Sydney. Just great for kids. There is enough space in the main exhibition for them to run around safely and interact with the exhibits – as long as there is no touching, then some of the exhibits allow for great interactivity. My son was in awe of his shadow in one room and just ran round and round a beautiful white room doused in pink and purple colours. There is also a dedicated pop-up interactive space for Kids & Families in association with the exhibition called Light Lab. The kids can draw with UV Light, play with a giant light box and have your movements tracked with Infrared sensors as you become part of an immersive light projection. Just lovely respite from the crowds of Vivid.

Weekends, 16 Apr–5 Jul, 10am–4pm
Evenings during Vivid Sydney, 22 May–8 Jun, 5–9pm