Wallace & Gromit’s World of Invention exhibition – reviewed by Hayley Tehan

My crew and I attended Wallace & Gromit’s World of Invention launch party at the Scienceworks Museum this evening.

What a wonderful evening we had! Not to rub it in at all, but we were greeted by some lovely ladies who ensured that we all received either Wallace or Gromit badge, with free drinks and delicious food circulating the girls were in heaven! They later received kids packs which they were delighted over too! We also stumbled across the kids station where they had an opportunity to colour and create … and this was just the foyer!

After a wonderful start, Genevieve Fahey started the night off with a delightful speech thanking all the right people! Only to be followed by the tantalising Libby Gorr! What a character she is starting her speech with the line, for those who don’t quite remember me, recognise the face but can’t quite put their finger on it …. Effie … No I’m not Effie, I was Elle McFeast! She cracks me up!

A child in a lolly shop

After the formalities we were let loose into the exhibit and I roamed around like a child in a lolly shop, bouncing from one piece to the next squealing with delight as we turned each corner! I am a fan of Wallace & Gromit and Miss 8 has a vague recollection but it was Miss 3 who surprised me the most! With no knowledge at all she was wide eyed throughout the entire exhibit, and with so much interaction no child was bored! My favourites were the settings that were used in the filming, they were so amazingly detailed right down to crumbs on plates and melted candle wax! Truly amazing! But the fact that the exhibit was interactive enticed the children to touch and experience it all rather then looking at still on the wall! Miss 8 was impressed by the Ideas Station, madly designing her cleaning machine!

Continuing through then exhibit we moved into the Workshop and here you’ll find the thinking cap and ideas machine! Then you move out into the garden where the children get their hands dirty creating and moulding! Miss 3 gravitated to the play area at the end which was set up as Gromit’s garden with removable vegi’s and his kennel!

Everything about the exhibit was delightful and entertaining! I loved every minute, as it was entertaining for the young through to the young at heart! There were also goodies in the gift shop too so there is a bit of Wallace & Gromit to take home too!

So a big thumbs up from me and from the three girls too! Plus the in laws loved it too! Make sure you head down to Scienceworks and pay a visit to our old friends on their exhibits first trip to Australia! For more info check the our listing  or the official website!

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