The Babies and Toddlers Directory and Uplift Bras needs your support, quite literally

Don’t Burn Your Bras – Donate them instead

We are running a bra collection in the Manly area in May 2012 on behalf of the charity Uplift Bras

Uplift Bras collects new and used bras and sends them to disadvantaged indigenous women in isolated communities. These women have no access to bras, yet they experience the same problems when nursing, risks of infection and appreciate the common dignity of wearing a bra.

Sara Wright, director, The Babies and Toddlers Directory, comments:

“The Babies and Toddlers Directory is all about mums helping mums. I started the website to help other mums find things to do with their kids. Uplift is a very worthwhile but little known charity. As the majority of Babies and Toddlers users are mothers we hope to get a good response to the campaign. Please bring your unwanted maternity, everyday or sports bras to a collection point and help another mother.”

we need your bras

Collection Locations

Collection boxes will be positioned at convenient locations in the Manly area from Tuesday 1st May 2012 until the end of May 2012. And can be found on

Collection boxes can be found at

What if you are not living near Manly?

If you do not live in Manly or surrounds – you can still donate your bras.

About Uplift

The project was started after aid workers noticed a need for bras in isolated areas of Fiji. In heat and humidity, rashes and infections are common. A thrush rash on a mother’s skin may spread to her baby’s mouth, and then back into the breast itself. Bras help by allowing air circulation. Nursing mums everywhere leak, and bras allow the dignity of a dry shirt, and the comfort of support.

A new bra costs $40, and wages range from $1.50- $4.50/hour. Disadvantaged Fijians get much of their clothing from second hand Australian clothes shops but bras to fit indigenous women are rare in these shops. The woman who initiated the project had often given away the bra she was wearing when in rural villages

Since 2005, Uplift Bras, with assistance from Rotary Australia World Community Service, has sent 480,000 bras through secure channels, making sure they get to the women who need them without compromising their dignity. Uplift has sent bras to Fiji, PNG, Vanuatu, Cook Islands, Tonga, Solomon Islands, Philippines, Bali, Cambodia, Sri Lanka and the Northern Territory.

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