All-in-one cooking machines

I maybe in the minority here, but until a couple of months ago I did not know what a Thermomix, Bellini or Cuisine Companion were.  I vaguely had an awareness of people talking about them but I didn’t listen or take it in, until I went to my first Thermomix demo.  And I was wowed, we had lovely food, we had a go at creating something (Chocolate custard for me), and it all seemed so easy.  But of course I then learnt the price, which was pretty high, and I decided to do some research and find out if there were alternates to Thermomix, and hopefully find something cheaper but that would work just as well.

Like a lot of mums, cooking has become a chore for me (maybe not for everyone out there but it has for me and the mums I chat to!), where as once I really enjoyed it.  I always want to try and create meals from fresh produce and not buy processed or ready meals. I have 2 very fussy kids, and often I will be preparing two different meals sometimes three, as they both seem to dislike something the other one loves.  I have tried being tough, but it hasn’t worked very well. So, there I am trying to cook a healthy meal, after arriving home, from one or another sport lesson, music lesson or play date.  I have quite often got distracted by homework or the daily sibling argument and burnt a meal. Which is where I love the idea of these all-in-one cooking appliances.

So in my research I discovered there are a lot of alternatives to the Thermomix now available, and unlike the Thermomix you can purchase them from a shop without having to have a Demo in your house. On the downside you don’t get a consultant to show you how to use the Thermo-machine, but I do believe, appliances should be easy in intuitive to use.

The product review site had a lot of the All-In-One cooking appliances listed, although quote a few seemed to be the same product, i.e. the Bellini.

I found this website to be really useful for the comparison of Thermo-appliances. Although in the end the author went and brought a magimix one from France but its not available in Australia!

From my research I was drawn to the Tefal Cuisine Companion, Thermomix, KitchenAid Cook Processor and the Bellini Super Cook.  This covers a range in price and features and we hope to have some review articles on these All-In-One cooking appliances soon…..