Well hypnobirthing is in essence a type of child birth education class, aimed at helping mothers with their partners support, to manage the “surges” of labour using meditation. Many observers, have reportedly asked the father, “is she still with us” as the mother to be, is so quietly focused on her baby that she seems to be asleep. During the 12 hour courses mothers and their support person learn about the role of endorphins in helping to manage labour surges. They rely heavily on practising positive affirmations , listening to calming CDs and relaxation techniques to prepare for the day their baby arrives in a calming relaxed environment .

As a midwife, hypnobirthing fits very well with my philosophy of midwifery care. I have a belief that many women, with the right tools can manage labour without drugs IF that is the choice they make. It seems that hypnobirthing relies very much on the power of positive thoughts. It helps parents to develop a very positive mindset about labour as something to be embraced and enjoyed. When fear is pushed aside and the ability of a mother to use her mind to overcome the strong sensations of labour, she can often deal with those strong “surges” and visualize the journey her baby is embarking on.

One of the most striking observations in the class was the strong bond that parents had developed through their hypnobirthing sessions. In place of fathers ,who often feel unsure of their role in childbirth, these “hypnobirthing” dads seem to have taken on the role of advocate and support person with confidence knowing that they played a most important role in voicing their partners wishes and managing to provide the physical and emotional support that the new mother needed. The hypnobirthing mothers in this class verbalised how they could not have managed their labour without their partners support. The classes provided mums and dads with the kit bag of “tools” with which to manage throughout labour in whatever journey that took,.

Fathers have been so involved in hypnobirthing that even they get to benefit from the first light touch massage and to experience the wonderfully enlightening sensations of some of the meditative states.

In fact I was so impressed with how involved the partners were that I wondered if the stress usually placed on new parents of witnessing traumatic births could have been alleviated if they had experienced the wonderful inclusiveness of this style of preparation for birth.

Hypnobirthing is in essence a form of antenatal class which promotes labour as normal event , the classes help prepare parents for birth , viewing it as a very positive fulfilling event which does not need to be feared ,but savoured for what it is a grand event , your baby’s birth date.