National Kid Safe Day

Do most mums follow the ‘let them touch the fire once and they won’t do it again’ philosophy? My two-and-a-half year old recently climbed out of her cot after a particularly frought day-time-nap battle. I heard the thud and obviously went running in. She’d fallen on the floor and banged her head. It wasn’t serious but it scared her enough that she hasn’t done it since.

It’s National Kid Safe Day this week. An extremely important awareness campaign for all parents and carers that has got me thinking about my philosophy. Reading the Kidsafe website, there are some very scary statistics on the injury factsheet. And as a mum of two I am ashamed to admit that I did not know that:

When a button battery is swallowed it can burn through your child’s oesophagus in two hours. And that baby walkers can cause serious injuries and are actually banned in Canada.

Even more scary is that, each year, approximately 250 Australian children are killed and 58,000 hospitalised by unintentional injuries.*

I don’t think I am not alone in having said, on many occasions, “thank god that table wasn’t 2 inches to the right’ or ‘what if I wasn’t there to catch her when she slipped on the stairs.’

Parenting, like growing up, is a bit trial and error. I personally believe it’s good to let children experiment and take a few risks but we as parents need to set limits and make their little world as safe as possible. All parents are busy. I am guilty of putting off rebaby-proofing the house. My 7 month old is growing up fast and he’ll crawling soon. I need to think about the cupboard under the sink, the sockets, the blind cords and putting the baby gates back up.

The great thing about an awareness raising campaign like National Kid Safe Day is that it does just that, it makes you aware. I have stopped, thought and read up on child safety. And as a result I will adapt our little world (just slightly) to Make a Safer World for (my) Kids.


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