What Kind of Stroller Do You Need? This seems like a question that shouldn’t have such a complicated answer, right? Well, wrong. It is best if you make pace with the fact that nothing is non-complicated when it comes to your young one, as soon as possible. However, the type of stroller that you need is not one of those too-difficult-to-handle stuff. There is help after all and here are some tips about what sort of stroller you need. Safety Safety depends to the great degree on the age of your baby. The younger the baby is, the safer the stroller needs to be. Up to the six months of baby’s age, there is no need for you to use joggers or some other things that make the stroller anything but absolutely safe. You need a stroller that is not reclining and you need it sold and made of high-quality materials. All this can loosen up a bit when your young one turns six months. You also need a harness for the baby, a stop for the wheels and you need to avoid hanging weight on the handles to avoid tipping over. Versatility forward-facing-pramFirst of all, it is important that your stroller can switch from your baby facing you or facing front.  There are opinions out there that forward facing is “cruel, stressful and terrifying “ but at one point your baby will become toddler who wants to see and explore world that surrounds us, so its better to have stroller that allows this switch when it comes to it. Another thing that it needs is to be easily turned into the stroller used during rain or during hot sun. This is done with different stroller accessories so have that in mind when buying your  first pushchair. You should be able to add sunshade, mosquito netting,  raincoat, some cargo space and the like.  Depending on the terrain on which you use it, it will depend which model you will choose, but big  stroller wheels will always help you navigate bumpy streets. It is important that the stroller’s functions are versatile as you will face many different situations with it. Adjustability There are so many things that need to be adjustable. The height and the length of the handles. You will be pushing it for hours and it is important that you feel comfortable with it and not kicking it while walking.  After all, you won’t be the only one using the stroller and the other person might just need to adjust it in order to use it comfortably. Also, there are models that you should look at if you are planning another baby soon. Some of strollers can be adjusted to be expanded for another seat, or have frame on which you put bassinet for first couple of months, and then switch to car seat or regular stroller seat. Baby seat needs to have at least 2 positions – for laying and sitting, but most of newer models come with third position which is somewhere in between. Lifestyle This is a very important feature especially if you are going to use the stroller in the public transport or in your car. In the public transportation, you will need an umbrella stroller that doesn’t take too much space and it has strong wheel breaks. For your car, you can go full on and buy just about anything that fits your car, as you will need tons of baby stuff to carry around with you. Just remember to pick light weighted and easy foldable stroller what ever transportation you use, because  they ease up your packing and  mobility. These are just some of the things to think about when looking for a right stroller. However, they are the most important. After all, you will need to go there with your kid and actually try the stroller on your own. Also, make sure that all the details and the textiles on the stroller are removable and that they ca be easily washed and put back on.

This was a Guest Post by Melissa Stevens. Melissa is healthy lifestyle and environmentally friendly living enthusiast and blogger. While researching for this article she spoke with experts from Mini Mee who gave her most of relevant information. In her spare time she is engaged in crafting, housekeeping, organizing family life and travel.