In celebration of Women’s Health Week, we want to hear your health tips and/or recipes.

The latest research from the State of the Nation report indicates that Australian women need to lose an average of 17 kilos to get back into a healthy weight range, so now is a better time than ever to provide your readers with inspiration for a healthy lifestyle.

According to the most recent Australian Dietary Guidelines, Australian women are encouraged to adopt a variety of healthy food choices for weight management, and consume 2.5 serves of protein sources per day.[i] Healthy protein sources are also very important for weight management, as they can assist with controlling hunger and help keep you fuller for longer.

Eggs are a particularly beneficial food for weight management, as one serving of eggs provides up to 27% of the recommended daily intake of protein for women, which is considered to be of the highest natural quality. This makes eggs the healthy breakfast choice for busy women, as increased satiety results in lower energy intake during the remainder of the day.

Healthy egg recipes can be found at Please comment below with any healthy tips or recipes for you, baby or toddler.